Legal Notices

22 feb 2019

Welcome to the Legal side of my website! I'm surprised you clicked the link to visit this page. But without further ado I will run you through the licenses that this website operates on, my GDPR compliance and your privacy, the cookies I set and the consequences for you by using my website. Sounds dramatic doesn't it?


The Social Icons, on the homepage, are a derivative of The Circle Set by The Pink Group licensed under CC BY 3.0

This website is powered by GatsbyJS, React and Material-UI licensed under the MIT License


Your privacy is important to me. I take care to process all shared personal information confidentially. This Privacy Policy outlines all collected and processed personal information and is only applicable to the Ivo Patty website (,, Your continued use of this website outlines your acceptance of this Privacy Policy and the Privacy Policies of all outlined (sub)-processors in this document.


When contacting me through the outlined contact methods on this website, I may retain the information shared with me. Information shared with me over different direct communication channels may be combined to improve or streamline your communication with me. Information shared through direct communication channels wil not be combined with information collected through automated systems unless specifically requested by you.

Collected Information

Below is a list of the processed information, both by me and third parties when you use this website. While most of the information is automatically anonymized, all information is required for the website to function to its full capacity.

CollectorType of InformationProcessing Purpose
CloudflareCookiesTraffic Optimization
CloudflareIP AddressTraffic Optimization
Google AnalyticsAnonymized IP AddressAnalytics
Google AnalyticsCookiesAnalytics
Google AnalyticsUsage DataAnalytics

Some of the third parties listed above place cookies on your device. For a more thorough explanation of how cookies affect you, your devices and privacy, please refer to the Wikipedia article on Cookies.

Cookie NameUsageLifetime
random textLoad Balancing Session AffinityBrowser Session
__cfduidCloudFlare Load Balancing & Analytics365 days
_gat_gtag_UA_29681431_3Google Tag Manager1 minute
_gaAnonymized Google Analytics48 hours
_gidAnonymized Google Analytics8 days

The collected information listed above will only be used for the outlined purposes. Only on your specific request the information processed will be utilized for purposes not mentioned in this overview


As the content and functionality of this website evolve, the privacy implications of my website on your person may change over time. I therefore have to reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy. Should the Privacy Policy change, the changes will be reflected on this page and the latest update date will be changed accordingly. I advise you to return to the page on a regular basis to evaluate what changes have been made.


If you have questions about this Privacy Policy or about the information collected about you, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach me via email on [email protected] Please mention that your question is related to your privacy on my website. This will ensure your questions get the correct priority